Problems take time Major Chelsea fail this season

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Problems take time Major Chelsea fail this season.

If you look at the form at the start of the season. Many Chelsea fans will start to panic with the poor performance of the beloved team. After losing two of the first 6 games of the season. In addition, the winning game is not that it was play excellently by the 3 games that collected three points. The first match came from a 1-0 win over Everton on penalties, followed by a 2-1 beating of Leicester, and ending with the last game that almost got West Ham to split the final point. Still able to survive like seat. That won’t get stuck chair last weekend.

Although some people may say that this is not too bad because even if the work is not in the eyes. but still able to stick to the head of the table. However if you look at the number of more than 250 million pounds invested in the club’s history. And most of all teams on the planet during the past summer. Many people may have expected more than they are now.

So what happened Why is this possible?

The first is the departure of Antonio Rudiger and Andres Christensen, two great defenders whose contracts have expired. The absence of these two, especially Rüdiger, was outstanding both offensively and defensively. There is one thing that no matter. How good the new defender is, it definitely won’t. That is the experience of playing with the team. That both Christensen and Rudiger spent more than 5 years in the navy blue lion shirt before.

Secondly, that is Representative players still need time to adjust.Of course, buying Wesley Fofana, Kalidou Koulibaly or even new wing-back Marc Cucurella will run out of money. But that doesn’t mean they can replace the same players flawlessly. Especially when trying to push new players into the field immediately as they are. Will definitely affect the team’s original way of playing. Koulibaly still needs time to adjust to English football, both the way of playing and the speed of the ball. Fofana and Cucurella, despite having played in the Premier League before.

But this is the first time working with Tuchel. So there are still many ways to play that have changed from playing for the original agency. An obvious example is the sending of Ben Chilwell. Who had nurturn before and came on the field against West Ham. Although the pace was similar to that of Cucurella, but the movement and understanding of the system made it possible. Discussed can clearly make a difference until it is involve with 2 goals.