Unai Emery Yan heavyweight ‘Alemani’ does not affect Villa

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Aston Villa boss Unai Emery has admitted to failing to approach Barcelona sporting director Mateu Alemani, but insists it will not affect their rebuilding. And hinted that he was preparing to find another suitable person

Previously, Barcelona announced that Unai Emery was preparing to leave the team after the end of the season. to go out and do a new project with other clubs The destination is expected to be Villa

, however, last Wednesday. Reports in Spain suggest Alemani has changed his mind about staying at Barcelona after meeting with club president Joan Laporta on Saturday

. Before the game, Emery was asked about the deal for his compatriot director. the UFABET report

“Two weeks ago We started talking about the possibility of Alemani coming here,” the former Villarreal boss replied.

“Talks went well but in the end Alemani decided not to come, he is very professional. We’ve met a few times before,

but we’ll continue our projects. We concentrate on team building here. We will try to consider someone to help, but for now Alemani is at Barcelona.” Emery

was asked further about the reason Alemani rejected them

. I think Barcelona is a very good team,” added the Spaniard. “

We talked, but Alemani decided to stay at that club. by giving us great respect So we respect him as well.”