Steve Bruce says he’s ready to return to football.

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Former Manchester United defender Steve Bruce is looking to return to football. The 62-year-old former centre-back has been unemployed since leaving West Bromwich in October 2022. But he is now excited at the prospect of returning to work.

Steve Bruce told Ladbrokes Fan Zone Wa: “This is the longest period I’ve been away from football. I haven’t missed that in 46 years and unfortunately I’ve now been free for a year.”ทางเข้า UFABET 

“I have been busy building houses for the past few years. So I’m focused on that, but look, it’s time for me to come back to work.

“I want to go back again. You don’t have to be a team manager. I don’t mind working with the youth team. How can you help the club? I would like to think that after 46 years. If someone asks me about football, I can answer right away.”

“I would like to get back involved. If it’s team management work, it would be good. But if not, that’s okay.”

“Maybe counseling… something like that. A sports director role would be good for me. I think that would be a good thing.”

“I took a break for a long time. But I missed it at the same time. Especially during Saturday These days Saturday is a difficult day for me.”

“I forced myself to take a break like this. Because I’ve never encountered it before. So we’ll see what happens now.”