5 secrets to being a person who smells good

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5 secrets to being a person who smells good (without using perfume) until everyone wants to hug

Have you ever met someone and felt that this person smells good? Like that person’s unique scent, inhaling and feeling clean, with a mild fragrance As soon as we smell it, we know that it is him. If any girl wants to smell cuddly like this, then recommend 5 tips that we bring today.

keep clean

actually sweat It’s not the source of unwanted odors. But it’s a different bacteria. that is the cause of body odor The bacteria will multiply quickly in sweat, so we should choose to use antibacterial soap. Focus on cleaning areas that sweat easily. Especially in the armpits, crooks, behind the ears and chest. http://ufabet999.com

 Avoid foods and drinks that cause odors.

try to avoid food that cause a strong body odor, such as garlic, onions, red meat, as well as should refrain from beverages Containing caffeine such as tea, coffee, will have the effect of stimulating the sweat glands Makes you sweat more and can cause body odor

no smoking

Smoking, in addition to affecting health. also makes people around you not want to get close Until the lack of charm because smoking causes unpleasant odors, both body odor and bad breath as well.

Fragrance all day long with fabric softener.

If you don’t want to have to carry a perfume bottle to refill during the day. We have another shortcut that is. Try using fabric softener. Powerful that makes clothes smell good all day long. No matter where you walk, everyone wants to hug you. Say that the result is more than you expected.

Charming, fragrant, seductive hair

Bacteria don’t just affect body odor. But it might make your hair smell unpleasant as well. In addition to washing your hair regularly, girls should choose a shampoo that doesn’t make your hair oily. Reduces sweat and does not cause odor. Like this, how will you get the head from head to toe?