Burn 100 Calories With cleaning the house

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Exercise is another method that helps to lose weight quickly, but you girls, many people do not like to exercise at all, right? Some say they don’t have much time to go to the gym. But it’s definitely better If we can burn weight while cleaning the house as well. Because all the household chores that you get to grips with every day also count as exercise. Plus get two benefits The whole house is neat and livable and can burn energy and bring out various nutrients that you eat.

Now let’s take a closer look at cleaning each house. Equal to how many calories does exercise Anyone who doesn’t really have time to retire to exercise, if you’re afraid that you leave it like this, it will become too plump and not beautiful, come and cleaning the house together.

>> Burn by sweeping the house, mopping the house <<

Ladies, do you know that sweeping the house, mopping the house, this activity can help us burn up to 376-752 calories? If it’s good, it’s a movement exercise for both the upper and lower parts. If you spend half an hour vacuuming or sweeping every nook and cranny of your house, it’s as effective as hitting the gym. Our exertion after sweeping away the dust then mop the floor Even if to get better results, you should rub it with your hands by kneeling down to rub, although it looks a bit awkward, but this method will help burn energy very well.

>> Burn by washing clothes <<  

Let’s stop being bored, girls. with having to know where to do the laundry Because did you know that each time we wash clothes can burn up to 100 calories? before washing Including unfolding, flicking and drying clothes. It allows you to burn quite a lot of energy here. Don’t get bored!

>> burn by washing dishes << 

Who doesn’t like washing dishes? Wash the bowl Change your mind quickly because doing this kind of cleaning activity for half an hour At least it helps burn about 63 calories of energy and the burning can double to 126 calories if we switch from washing dishes to washing pans or scrubbing very dirty pots. yes Get lots of exercise, clean dishes, clean bowls, and have a good figure. That’s great!

> Burn by mowing grass <<

Mowing the grass in front of the house to be clean and attractive. It can help us burn calories up to 135 calories at once. The more houses that have a wide front lawn area. When the grass starts to grow so long that it looks overgrown, it’s time to exercise. Mowing the lawn requires us to push and push the car to the desired area for half an hour, which helps burn a lot of energy.