4 care steps to fix cracked heels

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Cracked heels are a small problem. That many people overlook because they think no one will notice. But in fact, it affects both personality and skin health quite a bit. Most of the time, it is caused by behavior that neglects to take care of ourselves both inside and outside. ยูฟ่าเบท In addition, if cracked heels are not properly taken care of or treated properly, In addition to being a chronic condition It may lead to infection that becomes a big problem later on. Therefore, you should take good care of yourself both outside and inside. Including choosing products that help relieve dry, cracked skin on the heels to improve symptoms.

But if you take care of your cracked heels yourself, the symptoms still won’t subside.

You should see a doctor to receive correct and safe treatment.

Drink adequate amounts of water. 

Drinking less water will cause less water in the body. This causes dry mouth and dry throat, affecting various internal systems and also affecting the condition of dry, cracked skin around the heels. Therefore, you should drink lots of water to add moisture to the area where the heel is cracked. Let the skin recover back to normal.


You should shower with a normal temperature. Avoid taking extremely hot or hot showers for too long. Because it will make the skin even more dry. And you should use skin cleansing products that increase moisture. Doesn’t make the skin dry and tight. Choose products that have properties that help preserve the skin. Does not cause allergic reactions. Does not irritate the skin and does not dry out the skin. Also, soak your feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes, then use a foot scrub or stone to scrub your feet while showering. To make old skin cells peel off

Shoes :

Avoid wearing regular sandals or open-toed shoes. Additionally, you should choose shoes that are the right size. The soles are soft and of good quality. Before wearing shoes, you should always wear soft socks to reduce the impact on the soles and heels. When in the house, you may choose to wear soft, furry shoes. It will help reduce the impact force on the heel area.

Apply a nourishing balm for cracked heels. 

It will help prevent dry, cracked skin. Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm is a skin balm that can revitalize dry, cracked, and flaky skin. By creating a protective shield semi-occlusive that helps control water loss To maintain moisture by drawing water into the skin. But at the same time, it allows oxygen to penetrate to enhance the skin’s regeneration process. There are 3 main ingredients: panthenol, Eucerit, and bisabolol. To help enhance the natural process of creating new skin. Add fat to protect the skin and gently soothes. Can be applied to dry, cracked heels before bed. Then put on your socks. The balm texture is easy to spread and apply. It’s not heavy on the skin or feels sticky. It can also be used on dry, cracked skin in other areas such as elbows, nails, or knees as well.