Arteta gave Arsenal their first defeat Manchester United

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Arteta gave Arsenal their first defeat to Manchester United.

Paul Merson believes Mikel Arteta’s replacement will cost Arsenal. Their last Premier League defeat to Manchester United.

In the game after The Gunners Falling into the home team 2-1, the Spanish coach managed to replace three players such as Emil Steith Rowe, Eddie Nketiah and Fabio Virea to play instead of Martin Ode. Guard, Oleksandr Zinchenko and Albert Zambia Loconka in the 71st minute but were led 3-1 from Marcus Rash’s second goal. Ford made the Red Devils team to collect 3 points with that score.

Merson has pointed out Arteta’s fix for the match, as he sees the Arsenal boss making the wrong decision to substitute three players too early while the team still has a chance to equalize.

“I think the three substitutions in a row like that were too quick for Arteta, 20 minutes left and a chance to equalize from the score that was led 2-1. Too many substitutions and they lost because of that.”

“Man United look stronger when Fred is put on the pitch and they like to keep you on the ball, so you have to have good players that the guys on the pitch. Arsenal are playing well but they He had to lose the game because of this,” said the former Gunners striker.