Ronaldo is close to leaving Manchester United even

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Ronaldo is close to leaving Manchester United. Even after the market is close.

Cristiano Ronaldo plans to leave Manchester United even after the Premier League transfer window is closed. with the giant Turkish team as the destination. According to the website UFABET.

The 37-year-old has not start as a starter for the Red Devils this season. After the news about the transfer and came to report during the pre-season later than usual At the same time. Eric Ten Hag’s team is doing a great job. Recently, just opened the house to beat “top of the crowd” like Arsenal 3-1 on Sunday night. It is considered to be collecting 3 points for the 4th consecutive match.

The Dutchman has use Marcus Rashford as a central forward since the start of the season, with Ronaldo only starting from the bench. It is believed that for this reason he had to look for a new club urgently. Because he wants to continue playing. Before the World Cup arrives. Which reports indicate that his target is at the famous team from the Turkish Super League.

A report from outlet revealed. That although the Premier League market is closed, the Turkish league can still be traded. And the veteran striker of United is preparing to rock Fenerbahce, with both sides having reached a preliminary agreement.

However, details of the contract have not been disclosed, including the exact timing of the transfer.